Kind words from my lovely clients.

Kamila has a very warm and welcoming energy and the atmosphere she creates in her treatment room is very tranquil. Her enthusiasm for her profession is infectious and something she’s always keen to share. The personal touch to her service is what makes it more of an experience as a posed to just a service. I’d recommend the Abhyanga massage, enjoy.

Sharon Quinn

An incredible mixture of energy and relaxation. I’ve been getting regular massages from Kamila for around 7 years, and in amazes every time how much energy she brings, and can tailor treatment from a huge range of options and experience. KCR highly recommend as are the massages. The treatment room is inviting and relaxing in itself.

Scott McNeill

I’ve been visiting Kama Calm for a while now, and Kamila has demonstrated time after time that she is a very skilled and competent therapist. She offers a wide range of treatments which she has taken the time to really learn over her years of delivering massage therapy. Her location is close to the city centre, and her dedicated themed treatment room adds to the whole experience. Kama Calm is always good value for money (Watch out for the regular special offers) and I would highly recommend a visit to try it for yourself!

Nico Alonzi

My friend recommended ayurveda treatment to me so I arranged a meeting with Vinod. I found his knowledge of a human body and different medical conditions amazing. During the consultation he explained issues that I had with my health and even eased my pain in less than 10 minutes just by massaging my back. I look forward to start working with Vinod and I am sure that I will not be disappointed.

Dominika Jaros

This is the best massage iv had even been to the Maldives and this lovely lady beets that thank you very much.

Linda Quinn

I had two treatments of Kinetic Chain Release (KCR) for my too many hours working with computers and it was a fantastic help to release my back muscles. Great job. Thanks

Juan Ma Diaz

Kamila thank you so much for today. I was delighted with a hot stone massage. You are an excellent care person, very professional with a lot of skills. Definitely I will be back.

Maria Conde

Kamila provides great Ayuvedic massages(and can do other types too). Have been seeing her for massage for 2-3 years- and some Kinetic Chain Release treatment for muscle ailments. I always feel much calmer and more relaxed after treatment from her.

Yann Maidment

Truly incredible massage therapist, Kamila has a gift. I have been twice for the healing crystals massage, one of the most therapeutic heat massages I’ve found. The oils and music are also so relaxing. Highly reccomended.

Jo Bell