Abhyanga Massage

Abhyanga massage is a traditional ayurvedic full-body massage using herbal – infused…

Facial Massage

Facial helps promote healthy skin while relaxing your facial muscles. It has…


Shirodhara is a luxuriant and easy way to achieve instant calm and…

Lomi Lomi

Lomi lomi means massage, the name comes from ancient Polynesians philosophy called…

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage proceeds with use of plant-derived essential oils for therapeutic purpose.…


Udvartana is the most famous body treatment in Ayurveda to lose weight.…
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Why KamaCalm

Kama Calm was launched in July 2012 in Morningside Edinburgh with the primary objective of treating the whole person with a truly holistic approach, understanding not only their physical pain but the origin and root cause(s) of pain and tensions, identifying the best treatment and bringing relief. Starting from well-established and proven Holistic therapies such as Swedish Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy, Kama Calm quickly expanded into providing Ayurvedic Treatments such as the popular Abhyanga. This treatment utilises massage combined with warm oil penetrating deep into the skin not only relaxing muscles but also re-establishing balance for the individual.

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Kamila thank you so much for today. I was delighted with a hot stone massage. You are an excellent care person, very professional with a lot of skills. Definitely I will be back.

Maria Conde

Kamila provides great Ayuvedic massages(and can do other types too). Have been seeing her for massage for 2-3 years- and some Kinetic Chain Release treatment for muscle ailments. I always feel much calmer and more relaxed after treatment from her.

Yann Maidment

Truly incredible massage therapist, Kamila has a gift. I have been twice for the healing crystals massage, one of the most therapeutic heat massages I’ve found. The oils and music are also so relaxing. Highly reccomended.

Jo Bell

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“There is a mysterious healing power in touch that is beyond words, and beyond our ideas about it.”

Aileen Crow

Yoga Classes

Yoga is a physical, spiritual and mental practice which allows you to connect with oneself through breath, meditation and posture (asanas). It is a union of body, mind and spirit.

The aim for our yoga classes is to find stillness away from busy lives and minds, by finding a way to switch off from outside influences and reflect inwards. During Yoga classes at Kama Calm we will use sound healing to additionally clear the mind and further help the body relax.

Sound healing works intuitively, helping unlock blockages in the body with vibrational frequencies. By connecting at a cellular level, the harmonics align your wellbeing into a healthy rhythm and bring your body into a state of flow facilitating deep healing. The power of sound can also alter brain waves from beta to alpha(relaxation), theta (meditative state) and even delta (sleep) thereby providing further relaxation and healing to the nervous system.

We offer small intimate classes with a max of 8 students, providing mats and all necessary aids.

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